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From Todd Loveless - Memphis, Tenn.

My new girlfriend was hot.  I mean, really hot!  

She finally asked me to come and visit her family.

However, after meeting her sister, her brother, and both of her parents, I became suspicious.  I mean… they acted kind of funny.  So, I decided to use Criminal-Check.com, and am I glad I did. Her sister had a criminal record a mile long and had spent time… a lot of time… in the state pen.  Her brother was a three-time sex offender.  Both of her parents were out on parole for kidnapping and extortion.  Worst of all, my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) had been married three times and each one of her husbands had death certificates on file.   Thanks Criminal-Check!  You really saved me.  But, damn, she was really hot!


To Avoid Eye Pain when drinking coffee, simply remove the spoon from your coffee cup before sipping.  

We at TestiMOANials.com have often been amused by the many product testimonials we’ve seen in all forms of advertising.  

The testiMOANials below may or may not be true.   But we feel that they are at least enjoyable.  Are we making fun of the products?  Absolutely not!  We are, however, teasing a little bit with testiMOANials that occasionally are outrageous, sometimes ludicrous, and often (we hope) down right funny.

Keep in mind, though, that the products are excellent products.  In fact, they are so good, we believe they’ll stand up to a little teasing.  

Click on the product links.  You’ll likely get better information than you will from reading the testiMOANials.  But isn’t that always the case?  


We hope you enjoy the testiMOANials below.  Don’t forget to click on the links.


(any resemblance to real people or actors including names, occupations, review styles and word choices is purely coincidental… except for one or two, maybe three of them.)


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From Ted Malihogia –

Border Patrol Agent (South Texas)

I took Rocket Spanish on-line and I have to say, what an excellent program!  In no time at all I found that I could easily communicate with the illegal aliens trying to cross over into the U.S.  For example, I learned to say,  ‘¿Estás haciendo turismo?’ (are you sight-seeing?) and ‘¿Estás haciendo turismo?’ (have you been to other countries?).  Being able to ask such questions in Spanish really helps me to deal with would-be illegal immigrants who can’t utter a word in English.  Thanks Rocket Spanish!  P.S. Do you have a “Rocket English” program that I could share with the regulars that I’m always catching jumping the border fence or swimming the Rio Grande to get into our country.” ‘¿Cómo te va con el buceo?’ (how’s it going with the scuba diving?).



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From Randy D. - Oklahoma City

I’m an anime addict.  There’s no question about

it.  When I was a kid my mother could always find me at the comic book section of the supermarket.  In fact, when left by myself, I would draw my own animes.  They looked a lot like stick figures, but that’s because I didn’t have access to the anime download website found on this link.  Now, I don’t need comic books.  I don’t need my stick figure drawings.  I don’t even need to find that Japanese channel on cable.  I can follow this link and get all the animes I want.




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